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The cost for members attending the talks is £2 and for non-members, £4.

Monday October 16th, 2023

2.00pm at the URC Hall

James Parker

The 1403 Battle of Shrewsbury

This talk will dovetail nicely with Marcus Cash's excellent talk in April this year, on the Battle of Pilleth. 


The Battle of Shrewsbury was fought on 21 July 1403, between the Lancastrian King Henry IV's troops and a rebel army led by Henry "Harry Hotspur" Percy from Northumberland.


The battle, the first in which English archers fought each other on English soil, reaffirmed the effectiveness of the longbow and ended the Percy challenge to King Henry IV of England.

Monday November 20th, 2023

2.00pm at the URC Hall

Adriana Caroli

National Trust archaeologist Adriana Caroli will talk about Long Mynd excavations and Pole Cottage.

December Meeting: Christmas Lunch

Members Only

January and February

to be confirmed

Monday, March 18th

2pm in the URC Hall

Nigel Baker

Excavating and Exploring Shrewsbury Castle

- a Neglected Marcher Fortress

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